Bank payments, BACS and CHAPS
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  Tekgia's VAT registration number and information

Our VAT registration number

Our VAT registration number is 110 5302 83.

The prices on the Tekgia website exclude VAT unless otherwise stated.

Cheques and Bankers Drafts

For all products, we accept cheques and bankers drafts (also known as 'cashier cheques'). Have a cheque made out to Tekgia and sent with your order to:

Accounts Department
1 George Leigh Street
M4 5DL

Bank payments, BACS and CHAPS

For all products, we accept bank payments (including such types as 'BACS' and 'CHAPS' payments).

For such payments, here are our bank account details:

Account name
Account number
Sort code
Bank address

Barclays Bank plc
453A Eglinton Ave W Suite 204, Toronto, M5N 1A7,CA

Pro Forma Invoices

We can provide you with a Pro Forma Invoice to assist payment. Please contact us for one on +1 813-669-2645 or email [email protected].

Card Payments

To avoid fraud, we sometimes restrict high card payments.

Credit Accounts

We do not offer credit account facilities.

The reason is that operating credit facilities increases our overheads, and this means higher prices to you.

We want to keep prices as keen as possible.

So we run a blanket policy of no credit accounts to anyone. That way there is no favouritism.

Leasing software

We can provide flexible leasing on software. Contact us on +1 813-669-2645 or email [email protected] to discuss.

The advantages of leasing are:

  Easy to upgrade your software within the terms of the lease.

  The lease assists cash flow by spreading payments.

  A lease is tax efficient - monthly payments can be deducted as a trading expense.

  Bank lines are unaffected. Leases do not have hamper traditional borrowing capabilities.

  Leasing is easy. Once a lease proposal is submitted, a response is usually given within 24 hours. Once authorised, you usually only need to sign one short standard contract. It really is that simple.